Is your website boring?

The goal is an up-to-date website that attracts customers and conversions.
• Excellent photos
• Text that is descriptive
• Site is clean and easy on the customer

Are you using effective call to actions?

 Capturing your visitor’s information is important. Your site can encourage your viewers to contact you. Good, thumb positive call to actions help. Your viewers can:
• Call you
• Make contact through email
• Fill out a form for you
• Signup for consultation or newsletter

Do you use site reviews and client testimonials to help with ranking?

 Having others tell about the quality of your service is vital. This boosts credibility.

Adding a Video helps with SEO

 Video increases and personalizes your site — going beyond the impact of text and images alone. This helps with SEO. Many people prefer viewing a video, rather than reading text.

Is your site resizing according the device it is viewed from?

It is called responsive design. Mobile devices now are used 25% of the time.

Do you want to be able to maintain your own site?

 Maintaining your site is easy. Free. You can update it yourself. Changing the content frequently helps in SEO.
• Create new pages
• Change existing content
• Change out images I am happy to help do these tasks, if you prefer that.

Are you using social media to your benefit?

 It is possible to develop relationships that are beneficial through social media. Integrate these social media accounts into your website.
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Google+
• Instagram
• YouTube