Connie Wiermann’s Background

I have been creating websites since 1999. I create elegant, functional and affordable websites. I have studied at the university level all of the software applications, HTML, CSS, ¬†as well as the principles of design and color theory. Web design merges the visual and the verbal–with a good helping of the technical. All three of these disciplines suite me well. I live in Ashland/Medford, Oregon, but I am able to work any distance quite easily (southern Oregon and northern California). Most of my clients have been local small business owners: artists, therapists, authors. Sometimes I do not do the design–I just clean up the code. I am flexible and able to convert existing sites to a much more appealing Internet presence. WordPress is a great CMS–I can make a WP site completely non-blog-like. Look at my Portfolios! This process is a collaborative one–much of the text is provided by the client. I can fix grammar and tweak the tone for best online appeal. It is possible to pay me vis a vis this website: Payment page under Contact.

Our Team

Yep. It is pretty much me. I do everything.